David Meisel


For over thirty years, David Meisel, founder of Meiselectric, has been conceiving and building innovative prototypes for a broad spectrum of applications.  The mission was to develop creative and innovative solutions to new and currently available products and services by incorporating new technologies to achieve efficient and cost effective solutions.  His firm has extensive experience in custom design and fabrication involving both complex mechanical and electronic functions. He has been awarded ten patents and currently has three pending.

He started his business, Wooden Innovations, Ltd in 1978, to design and manufacture custom accessories and speakers to the high-end audiophile market.

His personal interest in pianos and specifically player pianos had him developing alternative solutions to computer-controlled electric solenoid-based piano player systems.

This experience in electro-mechanical design provided a platform to design, develop, fabricate and install custom interactive displays to museums, universities and science centers.

With the acquisition of a DeVlieg Horizontal Jig Mill and related support tooling, he started to produce one-off custom parts and fixtures, mostly for the automotive assembly-line industry.

Mike Brubaker

Vice President, Marketing & Sales

Mike is a graduate of the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Biology, with an emphasis on Plant Systematics and Evolution.  He additionally went on to earn a teaching certification in mathematics and science, grades 7 – 12, where he completed more math courses than most engineers.  Later he started Sterling Commerce Services LLC, whose main line is retail e-commerce and local wholesale.

With his academic and business background, Mike is well-positioned to relate technical details to engineers and product managers.  His goal with Meiselectric is to maximize profits long-term, by excellence in customer service, resulting in referred and repeat business.

Mike is also responsible for public relations, website editing and maintenance, print media, and event planning.

Gary Green

Gary Green, former Vice President of Business Development and Technical Services for Steinway & Sons, where he served for 20 years, and over 35 years in the piano industry, with responsibilities for:

  • Business development, analysis and review of new products, services, buying and  licensing opportunities
  • Management and development of technical support and customer satisfaction programs
  • Development of technical support material and software for dissemination and usage within a dealer network, retail and institutional sales, outside technical community and for product introductions
  • Promotion and Profitability for all Service departments (Concert, Retail, Parts, Restoration, and Warranty Reserves)

Some past clients include:

John Deere Corporation, Moline, Illinois

Developed an external coil-over sensor for John Deere’s current hydraulic cylinders to give detailed data of cylinder position.  This innovation provided linear positioning of the mechanism without the need to mount a separate position sensor.  This unique and original design measured change in inductive coupling between coils through piston movement to produce a signal position.  Meiselectric was granted U.S. patents 7,847,541 and 8,710,828, with an additional two pending.

QRS Music Technologies, Naples, Florida

Steinway & Sons, Long Island City, New York

Presented a patent for the use of solenoid actuators below and above the piano keys to upgrade a piano with an automatic player system.  The unique features of the design involved embedding solenoids into a magnetic structure to hold them in proper position, and serve as the solenoid-coils’ return magnetic flux path.  This provided significantly stronger solenoids than the present art.  In addition, the assembly is then fitted to the instrument without major modifications to the case, as currently is protocol for player piano systems.  As part of the project, electronics were designed to activate the solenoids from MIDI data.  Seven U.S. patents were issued: 6,194,643 / 6,444,885 / 6,871,046 / 6,888,052 / 6,891,092 / 7,019,201 and 7,439,426.

The invention was expanded for use in Internal Combustion Piston Engines, using the concept of integrating electronic solenoids into the cylinder head to operate the valves, thereby replacing the camshaft and eliminating its limitations.  U.S patent 8,210,139 was issued and one is pending.  The design has been extended to hydraulic and pneumatic flow control valves with one U.S. patent pending.

Smithsonian Museum of American History, Washington, D.C.

Designed, fabricated and installed an interactive mechanical display as a permanent feature in their “America on the Move” exhibit at The Museum of American History.

Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan

Contracted by the university to design, manufacture and install all the mechanical and electrical components for a rear-wheel electric-drive hybrid on a Ford front-wheel-drive prototype vehicle.